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Showcase Pure Journeys – Digital Strategy

Pure Journeys Increase Travel Bookings By 110% With Data-driven Digital Strategy

Pure Journeys offer unique self-drive holidays in New Zealand, customised to individual tastes and schedules. Aside from offering car hire, accommodation and activities, they design extensive and tailor made itineraries that make for once in a lifetime experience for travelers in New Zealand. When leads from their bespoke and real time online booking widget began to fizzle, the company turned to FIRST primarily to increase online brand awareness and grow their funnel. The results of the marketing efforts to increase qualified visitors to the site from key markets were:

59.2%                    110%                   220%

increase in email leads                    increase in bookings                increase in enquiries    

Step-By-Step Digital Marketing

FIRST and Pure Journeys agreed on a dual approach by driving targeted visitors to the site cost effectively through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to validate the business model and gain some quick intelligence as to how well the real time online booking engine would be received by travelers, while at the same time looking to implement a robust Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for longer term growth in key markets.

Early results showed visitors were engaging on the site and the real time booking widget, but failing to deliver actual bookings. To uncover the reason behind this, FIRST undertook an extensive data gathering and customer research piece using a variety of methods which included: user testing, on-page analytics, surveys, etc.

Insights gained helped to paint a clear picture of what's happening from a visitor's perspective and pointed to the changes FIRST needed to make on the site. FIRST then devised a methodology to isolate website conversion causes, maximise conversions and support a business case for potentially pivoting the company to offline fulfillment. The methodology included:

  • Establishing tracking framework for maximum transparency over user behaviour
  • Driving quality traffic through SEM
  • Encouraging call centre fulfillment and interaction throughout the booking process
  • Collecting customer objections
  • Optimising the website and improve performance
  • Collecting and nurturing prospects towards booking
  • Reviewing results, incorporating learnings back into the process and adapting

Better Experience, Better Results

FIRST has helped Pure Journeys by deploying a pivot strategy from online conversion to offline conversion using Optimizely to effectively change the entire site experience and conversion funnel.

"FIRST was instrumental in setting up a framework for strategic decision making for the Pure Journeys brand. Their data-driven and agile approach allowed us to quickly implement site changes based on our customers’ needs and provide a seamless online experience for them.

By implementing FIRST’s pivot strategy, we gained a better understanding of our customers’ behaviour and made better decisions to grow the business."

Chris Sutton
Pure Journeys


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A. Level 4, 55 Anzac Avenue, Auckland 1010

P. +64 9 920 1740


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