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Showcase Pinnacle Life – Google Analytics



  • Implement Google Analytics for Flash.
  • Deliver conversion funnel reporting.
  • Configure analytics platform intelligently.


  • Detailed conversion tracking implemented.
  • Marketing ROI analysis is now possible.
  • Simple and easy to understand reporting.


Pinnacle Life became the world’s first life insurance company selling fully underwritten policies online in 2007 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

For a business utilising both online and offline marketing channels, detailed analytics intelligence is vital. It is important that all marketing activities are accurately measured through to conversion, such as new customer applications. This allows an accurate assessment of marketing spend leading to maximum ROI from all marketing activities, with budget allocated to the most effective channels for continuous campaign improvement.

Pinnacle Life choose to use Google Analytics combined with FIRST’s analytics expertise to deliver this value.

The Pinnacle Life website offers potential customers the ability to get a quote online and to purchase life insurance.

There are multiple web pages that a potential customer must complete before purchasing and Pinnacle Life needed to understand how many conversions (and drop-offs) occurred at each point in this process for each marketing medium (display, email, search etc.) This would enable that the value of each medium can be compared, and investment redirected appropriately to maximise results and ROI. Drilling down further into keyword and creative level detail would allow for even more comprehensive analysis and potential for improvement.

With the site built entirely in Flash there were some technical obstacles to overcome with tracking goals.


FIRST, a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), devised and implemented a customised Google Analytics solution designed specifically for Pinnacle Life. Using virtual page views to track Flash navigation, Google Analytics now provides detailed and accurate information on all traffic sources and marketing activities, tracking multiple goals via multiple traffic referrers.

Being able to analyse conversion rates for all goals for specific traffic sources, ads and marketing campaigns provides Pinnacle Life with crucial intelligence to get the most from all marketing spend both online – and offline.

With FIRST implementing Google Analytics, Pinnacle Life now has easy and quick access to vital information providing much deeper insights into the website’s efficiency, visitor behaviour and conversion rates which will ultimately drive better business decisions.


1. Detailed Conversion Tracking
With full goal tracking in place despite the difficulties of a flash-only site, Pinnacle Life is now able to see every part of their conversion process for online quotes and sales. Being able to identify which parts of a site are working most efficiently and seeing user behaviour relative to specific business outcomes is invaluable information.

2. Marketing ROI Analysis
To take full advantage of the level of detail provided by the conversion tracking, FIRST set up customised reports and dashboards so that Pinnacle Life can easily see the results of each separate marketing activity. Knowing quickly, and exactly, how many quotes, enquiries and customers are produced by a specific ad for a specific location means Pinnacle Life is now able to determine the exact ROI of all marketing activities.

This intelligence allows Pinnacle Life to know exactly what marketing spend is most productive and to focus budget on the specific areas which produce the highest returns. Seeing how every marketing dollar performs is still just a dream for many marketers, but is now a reality at Pinnacle.

3. Simple and Easy-to-Understand Reporting
FIRST has not only carried out an advanced Google Analytics implementation for Pinnacle Life, but has also provided user training so that Pinnacle Life is able to view all necessary data as easily as possible to get a clear snapshot of important business metrics. Data is most useful when it is effectively analysed and appropriate actions taken from the intelligence it provides. Working with Google Analytics, FIRST enables clients to make better business decisions.

Without a tracking solution like Google Analytics correctly implemented, it is impossible to ascertain the true effectiveness of your marketing. Your business is therefore missing out on vital information on what is really working, and what is not.

Companies can no longer afford to play a guessing game when it comes to marketing effectiveness, especially online. With Google Analytics and FIRST’s expertise to assist with decision making and tactical campaign execution, there are no excuses for not exceeding marketing ROI year-on-year.

Pinnacle Life Comments...

"Within Pinnacle Life we were able to take our online marketing only so far before we realised we needed specialist expertise. Engaging FIRST has enabled us to break through earlier barriers and achieve our full range of performance objectives. The insights gained from our Google Analytics data allows us to make better business decisions"

Ed Saul, Partner, Pinnacle Life


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