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Showcase Harmoney – Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager helps Harmoney Gain Deeper Customer Insights and Smarter Campaign Optimisation

Launched in September 2014, Harmoney is New Zealand's first peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Their 100% online marketplace connects New Zealanders who want to borrow money at competitive interest rates with potential investors. Due to strong growth since its launch, Harmoney has become Australasia's largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Its key marketing challenge was in tracking the behaviour of different user segments throughout the entire loan application process. As a result of partnering with FIRST, Harmoney gained:

  • Better understanding of its site performance
  • Clearer visibility on its conversion funnel
  • Actionable insights into its customers' behaviour by segment (Customers vs. Non-customers)

Visibility and Value at Every Step

From creating virtual pageviews to track conversion funnel steps by using dataLayers with custom events in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and custom dimensions for user segmentation in Google Analytics (GA) to utilising GA's user ID feature to understand customer cross-device behaviour in desktop and mobile, FIRST was able to pave the way for Harmoney to track and analyse its visitors' behaviour and optimise the online experience.

Tactics deployed

Some tactics deployed to improve resulting performance were:

  • Targeted Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns
  • Insight into loan application process funnel, identifying key drop off points and areas of focus for optimisation
  • Configuring AdWords to exclude certain market segments based on business objectives
"FIRST has been able to quickly audit Harmoney’s site and propose solutions for a more accurate and deeper analytics tracking, especially with the conversion funnel to settled loans.

FIRST and Harmoney continuously work together to leverage Google Tag Manager’s capabilities to further analytics insights, improved media campaign performance and provide a better user experience.“

Glen MacKellaig
Head of Digital Marketing


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