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Showcase Fatso – Conversion Rate Optimisation


Objectives & Results

1. Improve the conversion rate of the relatively high performing website.

  • A further 4.78% improvement on the already high conversion rate.


In this experiment, though the trial membership is free, the conversion process requires the provision of credit card details, which makes this a “high-barrier” conversion – a term FIRST uses to define conversions requiring more than trivial cost, effort or trust.


Identifying the subscription as a “high-barrier” conversion was pivotal to the success of the experiment. Because users had to provide their credit card details, the decision to subscribe was made significantly harder and thus users were more likely to require supporting information before committing to the trial membership. Users wanted to know more about the service before giving away their credit card details. This is why the longer, more informative page beat the shorter page.

What we learn

It is important to approach conversion optimisation with a valid methodology.
Some best practices include:

  1. Identify your conversion as high-barrier or low-barrier
  2. High-barrier conversions require exhaustive information and often longer pages. Don’t believe the myth that short pages are always best.
  3. Discover what your prospective customers’ objections are, and address them.
  4. Always test any changes made to a page to avoid the risk of doing harm. Google’s own Website Optimizer is an excellent free testing tool.

Fatso Comments...

"FIRST delivered great results on time and on budget. Our business was born online, and we had invested a lot of resources in online marketing. Working with FIRST was certainly one of our best investments. Apart from the excellent job on Google Analytics that provided us with useful website intelligence, FIRST’s conversion optimisation expertise allowed us to squeeze an extra 5% out of our traffic."

- Rob Berman, Managing Director, Fatso


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