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Christmas Shopping Online CRO Industry Report: A Review of 10 Australian Retailers

published by on 16th December 2016 under Conversion (CRO), Industry Reports


Christmas time is by far the biggest sales period of the year for retailers. No matter what industry, retail businesses strive to seamlessly integrate their physical and digital systems to serve the growing number of omnishoppers.

With online shopping, customers don’t get to see inviting, creative window displays or feel the festive Christmas spirit through cheerful sales assistants and other in-store experiences. So, how can retailers make sure they attract a lot of eager shoppers and meet customer expectations during this critical trading period?

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Women’s Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report: A Review of 10 Australian Retailers

published by on 26th July 2016 under Conversion (CRO), Industry Reports

Women's Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report

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A beautiful Polly Luxe Trench, 30% off, for $99? Awesome! Buy Now!

My log in information? I’m a new customer. I’ll just check out as a guest.

No guest checkout? I just want that Trench, its winter! Never mind, I’ll just buy somewhere else.

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there – a site asks for log in information and so we leave. But did you know that there are other factors that can give your customers a bad online checkout experience?

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Pre-Purchase Experience Review of Australian Women’s Fashion Retailers

published by on 13th June 2016 under Conversion (CRO), Industry Reports

Pre-purchase experience title womens fashion


In our previous posts, we have discussed how to optimise the checkout customer experience and post-purchase experience in the women’s fashion industry exploring ten top Australian retail brands. Today, we’ll be diving into the pre-purchase experience highlighting the shipping and returns features offered by these top Australian women’s fashion retail brands.

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How 10 Big Names In Australian Women’s Fashion Do Post-Purchase

published by on 2nd June 2016 under Conversion (CRO), Industry Reports

Post purchase experience womens fashion  title post_v1


The shopping experience of your customers doesn’t end after they have clicked the ‘buy’ button. Once a customer makes an online purchase on your site, there’s an anticipation that is built up from the time the customer checks out to when the purchase is delivered.

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Post-Purchase Customer Experience: Spotlight on NZ Department Stores Online

published by on 21st April 2016 under Conversion (CRO), Industry Reports

Post-purchase customer experience title post_Department stores online


As more business owners adopt ecommerce to grow their business, the competition for an online customer’s attention and loyalty is no longer that easy. With the proliferation of brands online, satisfying customers and delivering a purchased product online only meet baseline expectations. This makes ensuring loyalty among customers more complex and demanding.

To be able to stand out, you need to build a total brand and customer experience that goes beyond the checkout process. This means ensuring a post-purchase customer experience worthy of being talked about among friends and peers.


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