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I help my clients by developing and implementing a well thought out digital strategy and focusing multiple resources and team members on a very tiny number of blazingly important leverage points that are laser focused on delivering an impressive ROI.

Why analysing human behaviour trumps analysing ‘session’ behaviour

published by on 19th November 2015 under Digital Strategy, Google Analytics



Digital Marketers and Consultants tend to rely heavily on data to shape decisions, strategy and marketing budgets. A lot of time is invested in analysing, interpreting and providing insights or developing hypotheses to improve performance. Consistently sifting through Google Analytics data and dashboards, Crazy Egg reports, Formisimo, excel sheets, pivot tables, and on and on………


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YouTube Case Study – Promoted Videos

published by on 23rd July 2014 under Case Studies, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing


How quality content and smart promotion drove a phenomenal amount of YouTube video views for

The Serato Icon Artist Series is a diverse, hand-picked collection of artists who represent and epitomize the Serato ethos. They include DJ”s like Fatboy Slim, Erykah Badu, Mix Master Mike and The Gaslamp Killer.

Given the popularity of video amongst the Serato and DJ celebrity fan base, as well as the reach and targeting potential of YouTube, YouTube Promoted Video was an obvious promotional platform choice to amplify and extend the reach of the Icon Artist Series Video’s cost effectively.

FIRST’s goal was to generate maximum video views whilst minimising the average cost per view (CPV).

By focusing on a few key elements, Serato & FIRST managed to gain some impressive exposure and reach, very cost effectively for the launch of the first few Icon Artist series videos.

See how with 60% less media cost, we were able gain a 145% increase in views while reducing the cost per view by 84%.  In addition find key insights to help you maximise the effectiveness of your YouTube Promoted Video campaigns.

Download the full YouTube case study here

YouTube case study - promoted videos

Download the full YouTube case study

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How RentalCars NZ Increased Per Visitor Value by 78.6% – CRO Case Study

published by on 8th July 2014 under Case Studies, Conversion (CRO)

How One Small Change Made a Big Difference for RentalCars NZ

RentalCars NZ is proud to be a 100% kiwi owned and operated family company specialising in rental vehicles at affordable rates. Conversion Rate Optimisation provided an environment that enabled RentalCars NZ to quickly test different scenarios aimed at improving user experience, conversions and revenue.

Using to run this A/B test, our goal was to increase online completed bookings, and increase revenue. We noticed a that there may be disconnect between ad message and landing page experience.

Our theory was if a user clicks an ad that promotes a specific/special price, then a product that matches that price point should be immediately visible on the landing page. By not meeting this user expectation straight away, it may result in negative feelings from the visitor towards the brand and deter some visitors from further engaging to book a car rental. ‘Bargain hunter’ type visitors who are price sensitive, might also not hang around long enough or sift through listings to find the right match, especially if the ad that brought them to the site pre-qualified them in some way.

For the full scoop on how this small change resulted in increased bookings from visitors who landed on the test page by 59.2% and improved revenue per visitor by 78.6% compared with visitors who landed on the original page, download the full conversion rate optimization case study here conversion rate optimisation nz car rental case study. Download the full CRO case study

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Usability Improvements Increase New Customer Sign Up Rate for Contact Energy

published by on 11th November 2013 under Case Studies, Conversion (CRO), General

Contact Energy is one of New Zealand’s leading retailers of electricity and natural gas. Contact are continually looking for ways to improve their service and improve the online customer experience and resulting online signups.

Usability Improvements

We identified an opportunity to run an A/B conversion experiment on the new customer sign-up page and funnel. Through A/B testing, an original webpage or process is tested in parallel against a recommended webpage & validated through actual visitor behavior. The pages effectively compete against each other to determine whether the recommended changes produce a better outcome. A/B testing removes guesswork and proves what actually works.

usability improvements


Download this case study here to find out by how much we managed to improve the new customer sign up conversion rate.


Fairfax Media Exceeds Campaign Sales Target by 45%

published by on 25th October 2013 under Case Studies, Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Fairfax Media is the largest integrated metropolitan, rural and regional magazine and digital media company in Australasia. Fairfax Media has publications and websites throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Exceeding Campaign Sales Target

To boost sales over the winter period between Mother’s Day and Christmas promotions, FIRST deployed an SEM winter campaign for Mags4Gifts involving Cuisine, NZ Life & Leisure, and NZ House & Garden magazines.

Our objective was to achieve a measurable increase in magazine subscriptions within an acceptable cost per sale, over an 8 week campaign period

  • Campaign sales targets were exceeded by 45%
  • Revenue targets were exceeded by 54%

Click to download the full Fairfax Media Search Engine Marketing Case Study

Exceeding Campaign Sales Target Case Study Fairfax Media


Click to download the full Fairfax Media Search Engine Marketing Case Study

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