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Google Analytics Desktop UI Roll Out – New Improvements and Design

published by on 14th February 2017 under General, Google Analytics

The New Google Analytics Desktop UI


If you’ve logged into GA since Friday 10th, you sure have noticed the GA user interface got a new look. The changes on the Google Analytics Desktop UI have been announced by Google in October 2016 and have now been rolled out to everyone.

Although not groundbreaking, there are a few changes worthy to know.

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Google Data Studio Finally Available in New Zealand

published by on 29th September 2016 under Events, General, Google Analytics, etc

Google Data Studio in NZ



We’ve been waiting for few months but the wait is over today: Data Studio (beta) is finally available for Kiwi Analysts and Marketers. You can stop your VPN subscription now :-)

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Top 10 Common Google Analytics Setup Issues (And How To Avoid Them)

published by on 19th July 2016 under Google Analytics

Fixing Google Analytics setup issues


As part of my job, I’ve audited many Google Analytics implementations for small and large businesses, and despite the documentation and many resources out there, many issues are still not systematically tackled.

In this post, I share some of the biggest, and yet common mistakes in Google Analytics setup implementation and settings.

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Google Analytics Update: From Sessions to Users…

published by on 25th February 2016 under Google Analytics

All Sessions segment is now All Users

You may have notice that the “All Sessions” default segment in GA has been renamed to “All Users”.

It looks like nothing but to me it shows that GA is bringing more and more focus on users and less and less on sessions.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some user-based metrics such as “conversion rate per user” or “sessions per user” coming up soon as default metrics.

Thanks to calculated metrics your can already create your own .

Of course we still do need session-based metrics, were it only for traffic sources performance but user-based metrics allow us to get closer to the “real” picture of the customer journey.

Time will tell!

Google Analytics Calculated Metrics Now in Public Beta

published by on 23rd October 2015 under Google Analytics

Google Analytics Calculated Metrics now in Public Beta


Here at FIRST, we’ve been playing with Google Analytics calculated metrics for a while now and we are very excited to see them launched in public Beta (for Universal Analytics properties only). The only bad thing about calculated metrics is that they are limited to 5 per view only for non-premium customers (50 for GA Premium)!

Calculated metrics are defined based on existing metrics. They will help you to further customise GA towards your business’ objectives.

There are 5 types of formatting you can use:


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