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Women’s Fashion Industry Report – NZ SEO Reach

published by on 5th June 2013 under Industry Reports


Women's Fashion Industry Report 

For the full womens SEO industry report (PDF) please take a look here

Summary &  Observations

  • 1.8 million New Zealanders made an online purchase in 2012*, Over 25% of online purchases in New Zealand are fashion-related
  • The NZ organic search results for the key phrases selected are dominated by international players and
  • ASOS also topped the volume of brand searches, which will likely have a flow-on to increased market share in NZ (a threat to NZ retailers)
  • EziBuy is currently the most visible NZ-based site compared to other NZ women’s clothing / dresses websites thanks to strong positions in organic results across a range of keywords
  • The majority of NZ women’s clothing sites lack the top keywords that people are using in search engines, which represents a real opportunity. Noticeably absent are the large stores like Farmers and The Warehouse.
  • There is significant variation in the search phrases people are using.
  • A strong search strategy (including mobile), will be a key to online brands, customer acquisition, increasing revenues and growing online business in the coming years, competing against global players



For the full women’s fashion industry report (PDF) please take a look here.


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NZ Digital Marketing Strategy Survey 2013

published by on 1st May 2013 under Digital Strategy, Industry Reports

FIRST conducted a digital marketing strategy survey in early 2013 to identify digital marketing trends for New Zealand Businesses. n=1663

What are your top marketing objectives for 2013?

Insight: Businesses are looking for growth in revenue and sales in 2013.

What percentage of marketing budget is allocated to digital?

Insight: The majority of businesses invest less than 20% of their marketing budget to digital initiatives. There is tremendous opportunity here to achieve more through allocating more budget to high performing online channels.

How successful have each of the following tactics been, which are priorities for 2013

Insight: The top 5 tactics invested in are Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (Google Adwords), Content Marketing / PR, and Email Marketing. The lowest 5 include Marketing Automation, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Web Analytics. These lowest ones perhaps do not reflect appropriate priority, rather shows the knowledge gap between companies and what is likely to assist them to increase revenue.

How significantly are new technologies changing the way you do business?

Insight: The mix of responses here again highlights a potential knowledge gap, where some companies may not think new technologies are significantly changing their business, but they are.

What are your greatest digital marketing challenges?

Insight: ‘Improving digital knowledge’ was seen as the greatest digital marketing challenge, followed by ‘understanding consumer behaviour trends’ and ‘ideas / innovation’. Interestingly, ‘budget constraints’ was just 4th greatest challenge.

In Summary…

New Zealand businesses want to see growth in sales and revenue, and budgets / ROI are secondary to that core focus. There is a reasonable knowledge gap, and it is difficult for businesses to keep up-skilling in new technologies. However, as digital business evolves at an ever raid rate, keeping up with new developments and marketing techniques may be the key to success.

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Updated: FIRST drives a 386% increase in revenue from Search for Go Rentals – SEO Case Study

published by on 3rd March 2013 under Case Studies, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Go Rentals operate a fleet of over 1000 vehicles across both the North & South Islands of New Zealand, providing a huge range of brand new and late model rental cars, people carriers, vans and four wheel drives. Thanks to over 15 years experience, exceptional customer service and smart marketing, they remain one of New Zealand’s fastest growing car rental companies.

Go Rentals approached FIRST to help achieve increased visibility online with particular attention focused on non-brand search terms. The goal was to ensure the Go Rentals website was found by qualified prospects (domestic and international) as they were looking to rent a vehicle in New Zealand.

By implementing best practice SEO, FIRST was able to establish the key terms to target and implement an effective strategy to increase the site traffic & revenue.

Click to download the full Go Rentals Search Engine Optimisation Case Study

SEO Case Study - Go Rentals

Click to download the full Go Rentals SEO Case Study.

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Infographic: Analytics is about analysis, not data!

published by on 8th November 2012 under Google Analytics

Analytics: It's about analysis, not data

Accurate tracking, understanding web analytics and gaining real actionable insights are core challenges among many businesses we talk to. They have the data, and they need to know what it means in order to make data-driven decisions. We are undertaking more and more analytics work, doing exactly that – helping organisations understand and interpret analytics data.

FIRST is a Google Analytics Certified Partner with a team of 10+ in-house Google Analytics experts. We love data and the stories it tells.

If you would like experts to find insights in your data, please give us a call 09 920 1740, and we’ll take you for a no obligation coffee to discuss (our shout).

We created this visual as an initial talking point with businesses.(click for full image)

Analytics: It's about analysis, not data

Social Media Optimisation grows Facebook Fans 262%

published by on 22nd August 2012 under Case Studies, Social Media Marketing

Serato creates world leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. Serato is based in New Zealand and has partnerships with many highly regarded hardware, software, and record companies worldwide.

The main objective of this campaign was to introduce Serato to the Djing community on Facebook and to significantly grow Serato’s Facebook fans. By engaging with Fans on Facebook, Serato would be able to interact more closely, communicate more efficiently and strengthen its relationship with a loyal ‘like minded’ community.

FIRST was tasked with improving the performance of the existing Facebook Advertising campaign by increasing Facebook Fans ‘likes’ while reducing cost ‘per like’. A lofty initial target of 100,000 likes was set which would be a great achievement for New Zealand based company.

Through FIRST’s social media optimisation techniques, this goal was met and surpassed! Find out how – Click to download the full Serato Social Media Optimisation Case Study

Results – Facebook Fans July 2011 to Jan 2012

  • Facebook Fans (Likes) increased from 38,820 to 102,000
  • Tripled the ad click-through rate (CTR)
  • Halved the cost per click (CPC)
  • Halved the cost per like (CPL)


Click to download the full Serato Social Media Optimisation Case Study

Facebook fans grow through social media optimisation