Harmoney Gains Deeper Customer Insights And Smarter Campaign Optimisation With Google Tag Manager

published by on 27th August 2015 under Case Studies, Conversion (CRO), Google Analytics, etc

Google Tag Manager GTM case study for Harmoney NZ

Google Tag Manager GTM case study testimonial of Glen Mackellaig

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Harmoney, New Zealand’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace, gains deeper insights into site conversion rates, funnels, customer behaviour and page optimisations with Google Tag Manager (GTM).


Launched in 2014, Harmoney is a 100% online marketplace that connects people who want to borrow money from (and lend money to) other people. They have experienced strong growth since launch, rapidly growing their books and staff and becoming Australasia’s largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace.


Putting customers into sharper focus with Google Tag Manager

A key marketing challenge for Harmoney was in tracking. A lack of understanding into the site behaviour of different customer segments was preventing them from converting leads into customers. They wanted to gain a holistic view of the customer journey and to better understand their customer’s decision making process. Harmoney needed those insights to implement website optimisations and provide a seamless online experience for their customers.


Smart measurement plus targeted campaigns

To make it easier for Harmoney to get these valuable insights, FIRST implemented a custom Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup.

Below are some of the key actions implemented by FIRST:

  • Created virtual pageviews to track conversion funnel steps by using dataLayers with custom events in GTM
  • Creating custom dimensions for User Segmentation in Google Analytics
  • Utilised Google Analytic’s User ID feature to understand customer cross-device behaviour (desktop and mobile)

This streamlined system of tagging allowed Harmoney to derive maximum benefit from Google Analytics features in the form of actionable insights. With more data and insights at their disposal, it’s easier and faster to put new initiatives into effect. Furthermore, the tactics deployed in the case study laid the foundation for future website and campaign optimisations identified as high-yield.


Stop wasting time and opportunities CTA





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