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Google has recently launched a new service called “Search Insights”. As with most Google services this product is free and very powerful. Search Insights allows you to research the popularity of search terms over time and by region. Different time periods or regions can also be compared side by side. It should be noted that the traffic numbers and regional demand are all normalised and so if you want to find specific search volume numbers in each region you should use Google’s Keyword Tool. 

As someone who has just listed their house for sale, I wanted to examine the long term trend in “real estate” related searches to see how this year’s down turn in the housing market is reflected in people searching for real estate. 

The two graphs below show the last four years of search demand for “real estate”. The second graph shows each year side by side and it does not take a rocket scientist to determine that I should have sold my house last year! 

Real Estate Search Demand 2004 to 2008

2008 is trending way below the previous three years and last month was at its lowest point, I guess the rain did not help either. Aug/Sept is showing a rise in demand so I’m going to be watching this trend very carefully over the coming months!

Real Estate Search Demand 2004 to 2008

Google Search Insights offers many more features and I’ll be using these to review various industries over the coming months. Search Insights forms a key part of First Rate’s Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing strategies.

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One thought on “Real Estate Trends – Search Insights

  1. Alistair Helm

    Couple of comments

    I had a look at this service and as ever when Google launches something new I check it out as they never launch anything that isn’t deeply valuable and this is. However as a function of NZ scale and out ISP structure I see the regional data being irrelevant due to inaccurate ISP determination – that is my read of the data I saw given our sites visibility to real estate around the country (if you were to believe Google stats then everyone is in Taranaki or wants a house in Taranaki).

    As to your second chart – that is very interesting. I think whilst underlying it there is a degree of decline in the search term real estate – this is now being supplanted by far more relevant long tail searches as in property for sale in Bulls or 2 bedroom houses for sale in Hamilton.

    Using Nielsen Online data the traffic of UB’s to real estate websites has climbed unchecked in each of the past 3 years to now over 100,000 per day driven largely by Trade Me. I track the market and share information on 2 blogs Unconditional and On Target, the latter is a conversation with the real estate industry. A recent
    post I wrote shows a graph tracking the UB’s of domestic traffic for a basket of real estate websites over the past 3 years and shows the slow down in interest this year from the trajectory of growth over the past years, although the past month has seen a recovery.
    The basket of website excludes Trade Me – merely because their traffic is very dependent upon the overall performance of the total trade me site as opposed to the sentiment in the market.

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