Women’s Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report: A Review of 10 Australian Retailers

published by on 26th July 2016 under Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Industry Reports

Women's Fashion Online Checkout Usability Report

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A beautiful Polly Luxe Trench, 30% off, for $99? Awesome! Buy Now!

My log in information? I’m a new customer. I’ll just check out as a guest.

No guest checkout? I just want that Trench, its winter! Never mind, I’ll just buy somewhere else.

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there – a site asks for log in information and so we leave. But did you know that there are other factors that can give your customers a bad online checkout experience?

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Top 10 Common Google Analytics Setup Issues (And How To Avoid Them)

published by on 19th July 2016 under Google Analytics

Fixing Google Analytics setup issues


As part of my job, I’ve audited many Google Analytics implementations for small and large businesses, and despite the documentation and many resources out there, many issues are still not systematically tackled.

In this post, I share some of the biggest, and yet common mistakes in Google Analytics setup implementation and settings.

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Data-driven Content Strategy: Creating Powerful and Successful Content In 1 Day

published by on 13th July 2016 under Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

data-driven content strategy


Fast growing businesses understand the power of data and its importance in driving their content strategy. With content optimisation as one of the top digital priorities for 2016, businesses use data to transform their content into personalised messaging for their customers. This allows for more relevant and engaging conversations with customers.


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Strong and Immediate Revenue Growth With Smart CRO Solution

published by on 30th June 2016 under Case Studies, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Digital Strategy

Primepac CRO case study


Primepac CRO case study testimonial_v2

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With a great offline business and approach built over 15 years, Primepac is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial supplies and packaging products in New Zealand. With an increasing percentage of their market shopping online, they were faced with the challenge of replicating their offline success online.

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230% Surge in Lead Conversions in Just 4 Days

published by on 23rd June 2016 under Case Studies, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Solarcity CRO and AB testing case study


Solarcity CRO and AB testing case study testimonial

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solarcity is New Zealand’s leading solar power company, providing a range of solar solutions to help fight the rising cost of power and stop climate change. Operating for over 35 years, they have completed over 6,000 solar installations on Kiwi homes and businesses and won numerous awards for innovation and excellence. But because their offering is a high-involvement purchase, they weren’t converting as much visitors into leads from the site. They needed help in increasing leads and closing more sales.

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